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Please Call Store To Check Stock Availability
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Our Pretied Bandanas are Hand-Sewn in Brooklyn USASelecting the most beautiful, long wearing fabrics for our pre-tied bandanas ... and using  our high quality hand-sewing process and classic and updated bandana head scarf patterns... we provide your best bandana headscarves options available at The Robe Collection


Pretied Bandanas for Tznius Hair Covering and Cancer Treatment Hair Loss Bandanas

Your best pretied bandana selection awaits at The Robe Collection for Pre-tied Bandanas for Snius Headwear, Pretied Bandana Scarves for Hair Loss and Chemotherapy Hair Loss Bandana Scarves.


To assure quality manufacture in our pretied headwear, each head scarf is hand-sewn in a large variety of fashion fabrics. This gives you a long life of good looks and wearing durability over many washings.


We also offer a wide colorful selection of snoods and chenilles for tznius fashion and best quality modest hair coverings.


Browse our quality hair covering snoods, chenilles and bandanas:


Snoods | Pre-tied Bandanas  | Chenille Snoods  | Pretied Bandanas for Hair Loss

Our Tznius Hair Coverings


Pretied Bandanas for Snius Fashion Hair Covering

Select from a wide selection of current fashion design fabrics, manufactured by hand for long wearing fashionable modest head covering.


Chenille Snoods - Comfortable, Colorful, Tznius 

Our selection of Chenille Snoods offers a full spectrum of fashion colors and soft easy to wear hair coverings


Pretied Bandanas for Hair Loss from Radiation and Chemotherapy Cancer Treatment

Our comfortable hand-sewn pre-tied bandanas hold up to years of washing and still look and feel great.